On-site Nursery

In 2014, we opened our on-site nursery, in order to support working parents and families and offer excellent quality child care. At White Rose Office Park, we believe that our residents should be supported in every aspect of their life, in order to perform in their working life. We understand that being a working parent can be challenging at times, with the added struggle of finding high-quality, affordable and trustworthy child care.

Childcare, located on our business park, includes accommodation for children up to school age and upholds an unrivalled reputation in the local area, with an abundance of facilities and rooms to cater for a variety of age groups and requirements.

Our daycare centre services are provided by Twinkles, bringing over 15 years experience and knowledge to the management to our nursery. Our child care provider structures learning, development and care, to ensure the criteria for Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is met at all times. By working closely with parents and guardians, we encourage children to learn through play and support a balanced learning environment.

Our business park daycare facilities ensure that we frequently communicate and keep all parents and guardians up-to-date on your child’s progress. Our services aim to provide a tailored approach to learning and all-round development during a child’s early years. We understand that all children are different and may require alternative approaches to their development. We endeavour to provide each child with the tools to develop to the best of their abilities, across all levels of ability and backgrounds, including those with special education needs and disabilities.

Our facilities encompass four spacious rooms, that are purpose built with magnetic locks to ensure that children are safe and secure at all times. The outdoor area provides a great opportunity for children to exercise and socialise in a protected environment.

The nursery at White Rose Office Park supplies an in-demand service that has the capacity for 90 children, with a total of 33 staff employed to facilitate their requirements. The service is operational Monday to Fridays from 07:30 to 18:00, ensuring that busy working parents are able to drop off children before and collect after work without rushing beat the rush hour traffic.

The core principles within our daycare facilities provide a premium education solution, that supports the three core areas of learning through play and planned activities:

  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Physical development
  • Communication and language development

As children grow and learn, they are subjected to further development within a further four core areas, that aim to prepare them for primary school education, these are:

  • Literacy
  • Numeracy/Mathematics
  • Art and design
  • Understanding of the World and Culture

Our office park childcare facilities offer further opportunities for growth and learning through extra curricular activities, suitable for all age groups and abilities. These classes vary throughout the year and operate at different times depending on the specific class. Further information is available directly from our facility, in the business park.

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