August 2018

Why it’s great to be a young professional in Leeds

Author: White Rose Office Park

Recent years have seen a significant rise in the attractiveness of Leeds, particularly as a preferred location for young professionals to settle. With jobs and opportunities continually rising, the city is also carving out its own reputation as the next big digital hub outside of London.

The urban growth within Leeds is currently amongst the strongest in the country with the population of the area soaring at seven times the rate of London and an overall 34% rise in employment, it’s no wonder the area is drawing some of the most highly skilled and talented individuals in the country.

Employment opportunities

More and more companies, particularly in the technology and digital sector, are being drawn to the Leeds City Region area. With a growing city offering state of the art office space, the opportunities for employment, particularly for entry-level, graduates and young professionals have never been as extensive as now.

With a high percentage of university graduates choosing to remain in the area, there is now an abundance of highly skilled and digitally focused individuals looking for their first or next career move. The area is recognised as playing host to a wealth of employment options in a variety of industries, alongside an increasing number of business moving into the vicinity.

The White Rose Office Park is a prime example of an easily accessible business park which is host to exceptional businesses, including boasting the future HQ of Perform Media Group. The continued growth of the city through businesses such as this joining the ranks and likes of big players such as Sky Bet and global digital agencies, only further adds to the growing number of employment opportunities for young professionals.

Quality of life

On average, Leeds graduates typically earn around £533 a week alongside an average monthly rent of £297. This has resulted in Leeds ranking as one of the top 10 cities outside of the capital for graduate jobs, also securing its place through the quality of life, leisure and entertainment and cultural offerings.

With a vibrant city life, which is diverse and rich in culture to ease of accessibility to coastal seaside towns such as Whitby and picturesque countryside towns, Leeds offers inhabitants the capability to escape the busy city with reasonable ease, to take part in outdoor activities such as hiking and cycling.


The requirement for professional level apartments to accommodate city centre living has grown exponentially, with new developments cropping up across the whole scope of the area. With many young people opting to live in fully-equipped properties, without upfront fees, there are now a growing number of developments springing up to meet their specific requirements and offer high-quality, fully furnished spaces.

The surrounding areas of Leeds also offer a wealth of living options, from varied rented accommodation such as large houses for affordable costs to lower purchase prices for those in a position to buy their first home,  allowing young professionals to get onto the property ladder sooner.


At any age, a great social scene is important for blowing off steam at the end of the week and meeting new people. Leeds has a wealth of entertainment and leisure facilities alongside a plethora of bars which allow those working in and around the city to take some well-earned time-out.

The city is a diverse melting pot of cultures, and as a result, there is a huge range of restaurants catering to every taste as well as offering the opportunity to discover something new every day. Leeds also has a thriving music scene which offers inhabitants an endless list of events to attend and experience both local and indie bands, to sold-out stadium concerts and performances encompassing all genres.


Moving to the North doesn’t necessarily put London and the South out of reach, in fact, quite the opposite. With current train services, to London Kings Cross, taking just over two hours, commuting for both work of pleasure no longer needs to be arduous. The city is also a stone’s throw from Manchester and is in close proximity to a number of nearby airports including Leeds Bradford and Manchester International, ensuring that access to both domestic and international travel services is never far away. Finally, in the coming years, Leeds will further benefit from improved public transport offerings which include the implementation of the HS2, making travel across the UK and further afield to Europe, via the existing HS1, overall easier and quicker.

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