February 2018

What is MIPIM and why should businesses consider moving to Leeds?

Author: White Rose Office Park

What is MIPIM?

MIPIM, or ‘Le marché international des professionnels de l’immobilier’; is the world’s leading property exhibition. This year’s event will take place from the 13th – 16th of March in the luxurious city of Cannes renowned for its high-value business trades, and lifestyles to match. This premier real estate event gathers the most influential members from all sectors of the international property industry over four days, and is the premier hotspot for those in this industry to showcase and promote their plans to a global audience. In MIPIM’s exhibition area, a wide variety of property projects are dedicated to important common factors within the industry, such as the development of hotels and tourism, healthcare and innovation buildings. The most outstanding international property projects are then awarded at the end of the event.

Why is it important?

The first event took place in 1991, attracting hundreds of individuals. This has more recently built up to over 24,000 participants, attracting many influencers and innovators, including world-renowned architects and investors from over one hundred countries. With over 500 investors, it is an excellent chance to highlight the expertise within the industry to property professionals and expand networks. 

Who attends and why?

Leeds City Region attends MIPIM every year to showcase the strength of the UK’s largest city region outside of London. In recent years, the City Region have come into contact with around 100,000 influencers, as well as investors which has resulted in a significant economic boost to the area’s economy. Last year was Leeds City Regions most successful year for attracting DIRECT foreign investment, including many Chinese investors and globally Recognised brands.  

David Aspin, CEO of Munroe K, and the developer behind the White Rose Office Park scheme is a sponsor of the Leeds City Region’s attendance at MIPIM and commented:

“I’ve attended the MIPIM property conference for over 25 years and have seen a lot of change over this period. I believe that since the attendance at MIPIM has been organised at a City Region level we are seeing a significant increase in interest from both businesses looking to locate to the region and in my case to White Rose Office Park and also from international investors who are keen to make investments in a location which they see as the ‘next exciting opportunity’.

“I’m proud to be part of the Leeds City Region delegation and I look forward to continuing to highlight the connected ambition of the public and private sectors to the influential international audience of future MIPIM’s in order to ensure we can make the City Region achieve its economic ambitions.

How could attending bring support for businesses migrating to Leeds over other cities?

It is advantageous for cities and local authorities to get their voices heard amongst a global audience, to enhance foreign investment and highlight up and coming cities alongside those currently recognised worldwide. MIPIM allows companies to showcase particular projects to potential global partners, something White Rose Office Park, but more specifically Munroe K has benefited greatly from over the last 25 years. As time goes on, we’re seeing more and more international investors taking an interest in developing and expanding their businesses in and around Leeds, as it has become a city, ‘alive with the spirit of urban development.’  

Currently, Leeds is the third largest city in the UK and has been named as a city which offers an excellent quality of life. A recent survey conducted by Cushman and Wakefield showed that Leeds was the best city within Europe regarding the value for money on office space, which is an excellent component when looking for a location for a business. Leeds has also become a popular place to relocate due to the factors of lower living costs as well as the increased opportunities in various sectors, plus the continual improvements to leisure within the city, including various retail and leisure complexes such as Trinity and Victoria Gate – recognised as ‘best shopping centre’ in the world in 2017 at the MIPIM awards, an accolade that helped to further enhance Leeds’ reach as a viable destination for business relocations.

This city is continually growing and has so much to offer. Its future is looking unbelievably promising. As a city enriched with innovation and new technologies, Leeds will continue to remain at the forefront of development to expand on a global scale.  

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