April 2017

LeedsBID – putting Leeds on show to the world

Author: White Rose Office Park

Leeds train station letters

What makes LeedsBID great you may ask? Establishing an organisation so that it attracts attention can sometimes be a difficult task. However, building a compelling reputation through exceptional events or even just taking time travelling around the City of Leeds getting to know people can be the key to what makes it stand out from the crowd.

So now that we’ve established that LeedsBID is great, you may now be wondering how LeedsBID retains its drive and reputation? As one of the UK’s most popular cities, Leeds continues to dominate the north as the largest financial hub outside of London; with many of the best events, businesses, and ventures choosing Leeds as their home.

Financed by companies and institutions within the Leeds area to build adaptable developments, LeedsBID spend £2.5 million a year throughout the city to help assist this ongoing desire and objective that Leeds is the place to be.

LeedsBID have already participated in a number of different programmes to assure that Leeds is the best of the best. As a non-profit organisation, they have been the motive power behind numerous experiential ideas which have brought various individuals, companies, and industries together to create fresh opportunities.

Examples of this include leading the MOBO Awards to the First Direct arena, the Leeds Letters concept within the city centre railway station, and the opening of Leeds International Festival. These venues have brought excitement and enthusiasm, which has given Leeds a powerful position within the music, video and tech industries.

LeedsBID will also be hosting another international triathlon this year which will help further in building upon Leeds’ global presence. Broadcast live on the the BBC, last year’s event included an appearance by a variety of professional athletes including Olympic medalists and Leeds’ own Brownlee brothers. LeedsBID expect the same level of talent to appear at this year’s annual extravaganza putting Leeds at the forefront of major sporting events and bringing together people and businesses alike.

Established nearly two years ago, LeedsBID have made some major developments in the City’s economic growth and the unique events occurring regularly. The continuation of this will make certain that Leeds will prosper as one of the UK’s leading cities.

For more information on LeedsBID and how they raise standards, increase awareness and add value by doing things better for the benefit of all businesses within the Leeds area, click here.

Image source: http://www.leedsbid.co.uk/

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