October 2016

How to up your leadership skills going into Q4

Author: White Rose Office Park

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Quarter 3 is rapidly coming to a close and as many business owners know, the start of Q4 hails the sprint finish to ending 2016 in either the red or the black. We all strive to close out strong and while it’s true that a winning year is most often the result of consistently strong quarters the year through, boosting your leadership skills, invigorating your workforce and pulling them together to ensure the year ends on a high is something we should all take the time to do.

Our business experts here at White Rose Office Park have devised their top five tips for leadership success to help you become more inspiring to your team, respected by your colleagues and get you running your business like a boss.

1. Paint a clear picture of the future


As a business owner, you have a clear vision of what your company stands for, where it’s going and what you want to achieve within it – make sure your team knows this too. Communication and transparency are key to creating a unified workforce all driven by the same goals. Great leaders paint a vivid picture of the future and how to get there, exciting everyone around them and invigorating them to start pulling together to work towards a clear and defined destination.

2. Humility goes a long way


Businesses are built on their people; with people being the operative word. Without a workforce many of us wouldn’t have a business at all, so it’s imperative to understand the difference between being a leader and being a boss. While both are in charge, a great leader recognises achievement and is happy to share the spotlight. They’re just as happy being humble as they are basking in glory, and when staff feel appreciated they’re happy to work harder – we’re all human after all!

3. Let your personality shine


It’s all too easy to slip into an almost automaton personality at work, especially when you’re leading a team. Many business owners are wary of being too ‘pally’ with their staff and as such close all doors on personality. While we’re not advocating sharing all your 18-30 holiday stories with your subordinates, you’ll find there’s less need to pull rank or resort to command and control to get results if you let staff in enough to know they can not only trust you, but respect you. People are happy to help other people out so let them know you’re a person too.

4. It’s not about you


Becoming a leader is often the result of years of hard work on your part to climb up the corporate ladder or comes as a result of being brave enough to step out on your own. You’ve made sacrifices, worked hard and now you’re reaping the rewards. What truly great leaders never forget is that it’s not just about being in charge, being right or looking the best it’s about the greater good of the business, the needs of those you’re leading and ultimately all working together. Nail these things and you’ll have people queuing around the block to work with you… not under you.

5. Never stop learning


Leading a team of people for the first time is like suddenly being handed your first child and being sent on your way. Nobody has an instruction manual, you’re not entirely sure what you’re doing and you spend most of the time feeling your way through. Leading people is never an easy job because people are, well, people. What gets one person working an extra 20% for you won’t be the same as for others, you have to get to know your staff, hone your leadership skills and never believe you know it all because trust us, when it comes to leading a team you can never know too much.

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