April 2016

White Rose Office Park and employee wellbeing

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Wellbeing White Rose Office Park

At White Rose Office Park we understand the importance of a high level of employee wellbeing, and the advantages a good employee wellness program provides to businesses. It is for this reason that we work hard to support the well-being of all our tenants and their staff, through a range of engaging lunchtime events, health workshops, and fitness programmes. While most business owners are aware of the need for happy, healthy employees, few know the true figures that investing in well-being can produce or the problems a lack of investment can result in.

In the most simple terms, poor employee well-being impacts your bottom line in terms of costs incurred through absence, temporary cover and mistakes with profits also being lost through low productivity and missed opportunities. These things can easily be avoided though, simply by investing in a well-being programme and location that boosts well-being.

The Figures

Once you start drilling down through the figures it quickly becomes apparent that you really can’t afford not to consider the well-being of your employees. For example, every year in the UK 200 million days are lost through sickness absence, with stress being the biggest reason for absence in the last two years, costing the economy £17 billion per year. Also on the rise is presenteeism, where employees, fearing job security, present at work when they are unwell or unfit. Due to the poor performance and mistakes of such employees, presenteeism is 1.5 times more expensive than absenteeism. With only an estimated 25% of businesses actually measuring the cost of absenteeism, it can be difficult to clearly see the negative impact in your business but trust us, it’s there.

The Results

On the reverse, the opposite is true. A motivated, happy and healthy workforce is more motivated, productive and engaged, with businesses benefiting from a lower employee turnover, a more skilled staff and being positioned to attract the best talent – all of which push up your bottom line. The reduction in costs such as ancillary expenses including legal costs, healthcare costs, and company insurance must also be noted. As part of responsible business practices, companies are increasingly being expected to report on employee engagement and well-being as an essential business practice and the hallmark of a sustainable business.

The Solution

There’s no secret to increasing employee wellbeing, but by following a few simple practices you can start to reap the rewards of an engaged workforce. Practices include increasing or giving autonomy to employees, involving staff in organisational decision making, giving employees a ‘voice’, providing variety in the work staff are undertaking, positive interpersonal contact amongst colleagues and a sense of job security.

Where We Come In

Another key factor to improving employee engagement is to encourage a healthy lifestyle. Whilst people ultimately have the right to choose to live a lifestyle as healthy or not, the workplace can be an incredibly important hub for providing information and the opportunity to allow people to make more informed decisions. For example, we regularly host stop smoking events and drop in sessions with local pharmacies. We also have several jogging routes plotted throughout The Park with changing facilities available on site and our ‘borrow a bike’ scheme gives people the option to try cycling to work before committing to the cost of purchasing equipment. In addition, our on-site restaurant serves a daily menu of fresh, healthy and balanced meals to suit a range of dietary requirements.

In short, being positioned at White Rose Office Park gives you the tools to increase employee well-being, reaping the rewards of doing so and minimising the negative impact poor staff engagement can produce. See our available space here or contact one of our agents to arrange a visit.

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